Racing classes

LMP1 (Modified)

540 clomid online size, no limit

No restrictions

buy levitra online Minimal weight 1200 Gram.

LMP2 (Stock)

540 size, 10.5 turns or more. For example 13.5 and 17.5 turns motors are also allowed. For all motors the following applies: manufacturer free, however, older type Corally and equal Graupner/GM motors not allowed.


Note: when it rains it also allowed to demonstrate blinky operation through software or to use sensorless operation. When using sensorless operation in rain conditions, the ESC does not need to blink.

No minimal weight.

For all classes:

In accordance buy kamagra online with DMC rules, meaning 2S-Lipo (7,6V), maximum total volume 158.000 mm³, with minimal capacity of 4000mAh. The continuous load capability is at least 15C and the peak load capability must be at least 25C (10sec.). Also allowed are 2S-Hardcase-Lipo's, according to the EFRA-list.

Group C, Lemans‚ Prototype, next to these for LMP2(Stock) WorldGT-bodies.

Bec buy clomid ause of safety reasons only suitable chargers shall be used. For all batteries the charging recommendations of the manufacturer should be followed. When using a Lipo battery, a balancer is to be used.

Direct-drive over the rear axle (Differential allowed),
propecia online max. length total 560 mm, max. width 250 mm, wheel base between 228 - 280mm.

Foam priligy online tires, compound free,
Front wheels Pro10- / Scale (200 mm Nitro)-, rear wheels Pro10-conform.

Traction compouns:
Only DMC-allowed traction compounds (such as sun screen lotion) are allowed!